How to Save Big Bucks on Family Travel

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Family travel can be expensive, so I’ve provided a few pointers to cut your travel bills down to size! Whether you plan to vacation across the country or make your way to the other side of the world, smart travel planning can save you big bucks. Never underestimate the power of planning!

1. Packages
When you are searching for a comprehensive vacation package, it pays to travel out of season. Peak season includes major holidays, summer and whenever your destination has an ideal climate. Try to book your air and hotel package in the off-season or shoulder months for maximum savings and a steal of a deal. In addition, to find the best bargains online, early reservations are recommended. Finally, remember to shop around. Five-star hotels and resorts will run periodic super sales for urban, beach and skiing locations, but three and four-star vacation getaways remain the consumer favorites for clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations worldwide.

2. What To Look For
The hotel and motel business is fiercely competitive. Everyone wants to build up a strong customer base for repeat sales, so diligent hoteliers will bend over backwards for your business with top-rated incentives such as a free breakfast bar, light snacks at lunchtime, or a free night's stay on select hotel deals. When great promotions are offered, it behooves you to take advantage of them! Reward the hotel with your patronage to show them that good deals actually pay off, and do yourself a financial favor too.

3. Transit
Taxi service may be convenient, but it can take a big bite out of a frugal travel budget. Families traveling to major city destinations will find efficient and affordable transportation from local buses, trains and subways. The key to getting where you want is to preview the city's public transportation system before your departure. Schedules and fares are posted online, and with a little homework, you can rack up impressive savings by cutting out cab fares. Use local transport for airport returns or for curbside service at the city's main attractions and events. In addition to regular low daily fares, local transportation systems often provide deep discounts and added value on passes ranging from one-day to one-month unlimited rides.

4. Home Rental Renting a vacation house is like having a home away from home. Unpack and stretch out in a o
ne to five bedroom house with multiple bathrooms and a privately fenced yard. Actually, the vacation home rental industry has grown into a thriving business for families and other large parties to save big bucks on costly hotels. In addition to expansive accommodation, home rentals come complete with a ready-to-cook-in kitchen, all utensils and linens, and are tastefully furnished for all around comfort. Many vacation rental homes cost less than a five-star hotel and provide a self-catering travel plan that could cut your food and beverage bill in half. Preview your vacation rental home online with photos, and find a price to meet and exceed your thrifty travel budget.


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