Luxury tours in January 2012

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The mountains of Nepal look spectacular in January and you can embark on a gentle trek as part of a one-in-a-lifetime tour. There is plenty more to Nepal than Himalayas with ancient cities, pagodas, temples and national parks. This 10-day Magic of Nepal tour is a perfect introduction.

The mountains of Nepal

January is also a great month to explore Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the history, culture and culinary joys of Malaysia or Vietnam. Or explore the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

Or how about a small ship cruise? In January you could explore the River Kwai in Thailand or Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

Experienced travellers should considering going the extra mile for a bespoke tour of Burma, one of the world’s hidden tourist gems.

India also has an abundance of great holiday adventures with comfortable temperatures around 25C. We recommend The Serai, a luxury desert camp near Jaisalmer, or a tour of Northern India and Rajasthan. You will also find some interesting wildlife holidays in India, including tiger safaris.

You’ll find plenty of wildlife in Africa. Head to Kenya for a safari holiday to see the Big Five, or choose from a huge selection of trips whether you want game drives, walking safaris or to test yourself with a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It’s middle of the summer in South America where Brazil and Argentina are two of the world’s most exciting and diverse nations. We recommend Dehouche, a locally-based tour company, which knows all the best places to stay and put together an itinerary to fit your personal needs.

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