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There are several cities in the world which provide the perfect short break vacations, thanks to a pleasing mix of famous landmarks, iconic sights and exciting attractions. From the historic splendour of London to the romantic magnificence of Paris, a growing number of people are heading to the most famous cities on the planet in order to soak up a little culture.

There is one destination, however, that gives tourists the most unique experience of all. New York City welcomes millions of people every year, many of them first-time visitors, the vast majority of whom are almost bowled over by the whole trip. The hustle and bustle of this amazing metropolis is always far too good to miss.

Finding your way around in New York is extremely easy, thanks to an intricate network of subway trains and a plentiful supply of cheap taxi cabs. However, many tourists choose to walk instead, partly because the beat of the streets is so enticing. A wander through the avenues and streets of Manhattan feels like a visit to a movie set, purely because so many of the locations seem extremely familiar.

Another reason for the ease of navigation is the layout of the streets. Central New York is based on a grid system, making it simple for even first time visitors to get from A to B. Within a few hours of arriving in the Big Apple, many people are already adept at finding their way around just like the locals do.

The constant traffic noise, the busy throb of pedestrians making their way through the city and the bright neon lights of Broadway and Times Square can lead to something of a sensory overload for tourists, but it’s easy to find a little tranquillity along the way. Central Park is a haven of peace and quiet, and is popular with New Yorkers as it is with tourists.

Another great way to find a little escape is to take to the water. Manhattan is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, and an opportunity to see them from the river should not be under-estimated. The downtown business district, the Statue of Liberty and a whole host of famous bridges lie in wait for the camera-happy tourist.

As the sun goes down, the area around Times Square truly comes alive. Whether you’re looking to take in a Broadway show, to enjoy a sumptuous meal or just to have a couple of drinks and watch the world go by, there’s no better location. As it always has in the past, New York City offers something for everyone.


David Showell lives in the south-east of England and has visited New York on several occasions. When he isn’t travelling, he helps people who are renting a car on the Internet.


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