The 5 top attractions for families holidaying or wanting to move to Dorset

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When looking for a place to settle down, a family doesn’t only look at the size and beauty of their would-be house; they also look around and see how good their would-be neighborhood is.  The proximity of institutions such as schools, hospitals, police stations, and supermarkets are considered, and the closer you are to such establishments, the better the place is for family living.  Dorset is a common pick among families looking for the best place to live, but not only because the residential communities are close to such basic amenities.  Here are five of the best attractions families can regularly visit if they settle in Dorset:

Creative Commons Photo by Andrew Menage

Adventure Wonderland

Who wouldn’t want to take their kids to a weekend treat in a musical, magical, and fun-filled theme park?  Adventure Wonderland is located right at the heart of Dorset opposite the Bournemouth Airport.  It features over thirty rides and attractions, and takes pride in its indoor recreational center called Wild Thing!  The theme park also features the largest natural maze in the south of England, thus making this attraction not only a local favorite but a bestseller to families living in nearby areas as well.

Bennett’s Water Gardens

If you would like your children to grow up appreciating nature, then make sure to pay several visits to Bennett’s Water Gardens- a visual treat with fantastic gardens (and its multi-colored floral bushes), the National Plant Collection of Water Lilies that are always in full bloom during the summer, and an awesome replica of the Monet Bridge. Garden trails especially designed for children are perfect if you want to relax at Café Monet while letting them gallivant as they please. A Heritage Museum and Tropical House is also housed inside this 8-acre compound.


This is the South’s favorite water park, where you can enjoy the best waterslide rides designed for all ages. Pack your picnic basket and don’t forget to bring extra clothes and your swimsuits, since the tubes, twists, deluges, and pools will surely make you unbelievably happy and wet!

Creative Commons Photo by Carol

The Dinosaur Museum

This museum is Britain’s first museum especially established for children to appreciate the earth’s inhabitants millions of years ago. Enjoy endless displays of fossils, skulls, and complete dinosaur models. There are also interactive activities such as T-Rex reconstructions and cinematic displays.

Pirate Adventure Mini Golf

Children like stories about Pirates, especially when stories of treasure and adventure are told. But in Weymouth, where the Pirate Adventure Mini Golf is located, the thrills of such stories come true as whole families play golf on a 19-hole course while learning about different real-life pirates and their adventures! Surely Dad will enjoy it as much as Junior!

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where the community is tightly-knit, establishments are in close proximity, and such attractions are a mere stone’s throw away? Throw in the nice weather and the good-looking homes for sale in the area, and it’s surely hard to deny that Dorset has something to offer. If you want your family to grow healthily and happily, Dorset, with all its attractions, is the best place to live in and be.


There are a variety of cottages in Dorset that can either be bought, rented long term or enjoyed as holiday homes.  Visit the Owner’s Direct website to see just what is available.


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