Ultimate winter holidays

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Holidays in January are not just about sun seeking. You could go north to discover natural wonders and wilderness. One of the most exciting winter trips is to see the Northern Lights. The next two winters will offer more spectacular – and reliable – displays than in recent years, according to Nasa. Find a great selection of Northern Lights trips.

Every year in Sweden the Ice Hotel is built from huge chunks of ice. It’s a special place to stay and includes one night wrapped in reindeer skins on an ice bed (not as bad as it sounds!). You can fortify yourself with vodka shots first in the ice bar.

The city of St Petersburg in Russia is never more beautiful than when snow is piled high on the pavements and there is skating on frozen rivers.

St Petersburg in Russia

This is also best time of year to head south to Antarctica. If you enjoyed the BBC’s Frozen Planet TV series how about an expedition cruise on a small ship that allows you close to penguins, seals and whales – and be wowed by the gorgeous silent icy wilderness.

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